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We envision a peaceful world where people live a happy life through applying a socially conscious lifestyle that creates humanistic values for self and others.


We empower people to cultivate their compassion and live a socially conscious lifestyle.


We Are From The Earth (WAFTE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is creating a peace movement rooted in each person's inner heart and behavioral transformation. We advocate a “Socially Conscious Lifestyle” that is rooted in compassion. The four attributes of this lifestyle are:


1) Treat yourself and others with compassion

2) Choose socially conscious consumption 

3) Apply social consciousness to your work  

4) Get active to solve global issues. 

In order to accomplish our mission, WAFTE is developing the “WAFTE APP”, a socially conscious mobile application that empowers people to choose a socially conscious lifestyle that leads to their personal happiness as well as positive global change.


WAFTE was founded by Setsuko Hata on May 18th, 2018 in California, with the intention of addressing the root cause of us realizing our happiness and world peace.


WAFTE’s core belief is that if we want to make a positive change in our lives and our societies, first we have to change our hearts and act accordingly. We believe that human behavior that lacks compassion, social awareness, and hope is the fundamental cause of our unhappiness as well as many social and environmental problems. Therefore, we strive to restore humanity’s collective compassion, raise social awareness and instill people with hope. 

Since its founding, WAFTE has conducted community events, workshops, and live music in the Los Angeles area to empower people to choose more socially conscious living. Currently, in order to maximize our impact, WAFTE has been developing the “WAFTE APP” that will create a socially conscious online community. This will also unitine and inspire people to live their best lives and create a better world.

The Team

Setsuko Hata

Founder & Executive Director 

John Burnley 

Director of Communications

Alan Bedian

Director of Technology 

Rui Zhao

Director of Fundraising

Alex Frye

Director of Strategic Initiatives


Andrea Armas

Director of Marketing

Lisa Liang

Director of Art & Design


Marton Jasz

Director of App Content


Andi Gomez

Director of Product Design