Socially Conscious Businesses

We are looking for socially conscious business partners for our Point Exchange Program in the WAFTE App. Your company will be listed in the WAFTE App so that app users can choose to buy your products by using their earned points to obtain product discount codes.

Get Your Business Listed in Our Point Exchange Program in the WAFTE App


1) Your business representative contacts WAFTE to express interest in    participating in the Point Exchange Program

2) Terms and conditions are agreed to between your business and WAFTE specifying  how users' points will be exchanged for discount codes to apply to purchases of your business's products

3) Your business will be listed in the WAFTE APP's socially conscious product store

4) Your business will gain new customers and additional product sales without incurring any additional marketing expense

5) Your business will receive additional sales through referrals from WAFTE App users

If you are interested in becoming a business partner, please contact us below.