Take Action to Address Global Issues

Here, you can find and learn more about various global issues. For each issue, we list various nonprofit and non-government organizations that specialize in that particular issue.


Also, you will notice that some specific issues (sub-categories) are listed under more than one of the six major categories identified below. This shows how one specific issue can impact multiple major areas of concern. This is one example of how many aspects of our lives are interconnected.


Find the issues you feel passionate about, and get involved to make a difference!


When ordinary people like us start to take action, real social change will become a reality. The power of ordinary people is the strongest of all. We learned this truth from India’s independence with Mahatma Gandhi and America’s civil right movement with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is time for us to truly unite beyond national borders and work together as one human race towards solving global issues. It is imperative that we make our world a better place for our humanity and the survival of our planet. When you live your life with compassion, a sense of justice, and take action, you will be fulfilled, live a dignified life, and feel absolute happiness from within.

Let's Unite To Solve Global Issues Together 

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