"How to Become a Global Citizen"

In October 2018, WAFTE conducted 3 workshops with Girls Today Woman Tomorrow, a non-profit organization empowering young woman.

Girls Today Women Tomorrow


We love empowering youth since they are our future. We covered the definition of global citizen and introduced 24/7 World Peace as a practical life style to make a global positive change. We also introduced SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by United Nations.

In our second and third workshop, we picked a theme "Social Media", by which many young people are heavy affected their lives negatively. We covered how social media is impacting our brains, analyzed the pros and corns of social media. We discussed to find practical solutions that we can use social media only to improve our lives. This discussion falls into 24/7 World Peace No.1: Treat yourself and others with compassion. When you are in control of using social media, you are not consumed by it. As a result, you are respecting your own life and others. We also covered SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by United Nations. It is a joy to work with youth!


No matter how old we become, we never want to lose our seeking spirit. Because the more seeking spirit we have, the more we can learn and grow as a human being.

Young people are an expert of seeking. They question things and try to understand things. We are here to embrace their seeking spirit and to ignite them more.

We are hopeful for humanity's future!

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