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SDG Goal 4: Quality Education for All

Updated: May 12, 2020

By: Cristina Mejía.

This goal focuses on achieving the goal of inclusive and quality education for all, ensuring that girls and boys have free complete schooling by 2030. It also wants to provide access to affordable vocational training and access to quality higher education worldwide.

Since 2000, there has been incredible progress in terms of having primary education around the world. However, in developing countries that are going though conflicts, getting an ongoing and quality education has been hard and the numbers have dropped in recent years.

In an ideal world, every single person would have access to education from primary school all the way to higher education. Knowledge and learning should be attainable by all human beings. We are living in the age of technology, most of us are a click away from any information we seek to know. Nevertheless, there are still many places where children and young people cannot go to school, due to conflicts in the area, the lack of support by the government, or they simply cannot get quality education that is affordable. Why should education have a price? We all should be able to learn the skills that would enable us to have the life we want.

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Fortunately, there are foundations and institutions that do care about this issue. For example, the Turing Foundation funds educational projects with a focus in several African countries. This enables them to provide quality education and vocational training to people in order to give them the tools that can be used in their communities. There is also the Girl Rising organization, which focuses on storytelling to spread inspiring stories of girls that, regardless of outer conditions and many obstacles, stand up with determination and courage. This organization works together with local partners, in order to change attitudes and social norms, so that entire communities are more knowledgeable and stand up against inequality and gender discrimination. They have joined forces with the Global Education Fund to bring education to girls and boys living in poverty in developing countries.

But, what can we do from where we are?

One logical step is to support and donate to the organizations funding projects.

If you like teaching, then there are also organizations where you can offer your services as a volunteer, teaching people in certain developing countries.

Also, you can support and spread the word helping organizations that want to change norms and regulations in certain countries. Even in this day and age, it is pretty unbelievable that many girls cannot receive education only because they were born females. And in those same cultures, boys are taught to think of themselves as superior and are raised to be abusive.

Therefore, your help to any foundation or organization with a focus on changing structures, norms, and overall inequality in any measure in this world, would be priceless.

If you are passionate about education and you know somebody that needs it, perhaps being that helping hand would do wonders.

Supporting anybody can be the change and makes a difference, I want to share a wonderful example of this.

There is a child in Argentina (Las Piedritas, San Juan), named Leonardo Nicanor Quinteros that opened a school to teach and help the kids in his community to reinforce the knowledge they acquire in school but is difficult for them to understand. The goal is that in the long run, they don´t quit school. He is 12 years old and helps 36 students in the afternoons, while he still goes to school in the mornings.

Don´t you think this is such a marvelous action? One kid is changing the world he lives in, affecting positively the lives of others, that are now also, helping other kids.

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