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Changing the paradigm

Updated: May 12, 2020

By: Cristina Mejía.

It is more common in these changing times to find more and more companies dedicated to their social impact or that are committed to sustainability one way or the other. From big companies such as, Patagonia, Panera Bread, Safaricom and so on, to smaller ones such as, Aday (sustainable fashion startup) that are walking their talk.

Yes, we do live in a world that supports and promotes consumerism, and where many people rather sit in front of the tv or computer, watching anything, instead of reading meaningful books and useful content. Yes to all that. However, we live in a world with many, many options as well. We can always find a new business that has what we like and need.

But all the people that own small or big companies with a social and ethical approach started at the bottom. They knew they wanted to do some good and they did it.

Many times we are burdened by all that it is going to take to achieve something, overlooking that final result. In this case it would be the help we want to give to support our community and our world. To be the power for change. Anyone can be a power for change.

If you are aware of your role as a human, and you are actually taking steps, being mindful, supporting sustainability. If you are making an effort to achieve that great vision many of us have, then, you are changing the paradigm.

Because it is more than just recycling, it is also about reusing and reducing waste as well. It is about being coherent and acting out our beliefs, If these beliefs actually do good for others and the world, of course. Commit to something, it doesn´t have to be something big or many things at the same time. Pick one thing you can be passionate about and do it.

Let´s say, you like hanging out with animals, then, use some of your free time giving a hand in animal shelters, feed a stray dog or cat or just give them love (if you aren´t carrying food with you). Same as if you like plants...then, use less paper. Don´t use plastic bags. Buy eco-friendly items. Grow your own food (if you have the space for it). You see, there is always something we can do, big or small, rain or shine. We can always make a positive difference and impact in our surroundings. And we can always start right where we are, as we are right now. Even if that action is not to yell at somebody due to traffic. Even if that action is to just give up your seat or say thank you to anyone doing a service to you.

We can change this society for the better, but we have to do it together, tirelessly and with some resilience.

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