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The good side of fashion: Sustainable fashion

Updated: May 12, 2020

Sustainable fashion is the answer for the out of control fashion industry.

We all like to express our individualities in the way we dress or do our make-up. However, we are all responsible and accountable for taking care of this planet and having a positive impact.

Trends come and trends go; what stays though, is the impact we have on others.

We can be as trendy as we want and as expressive and artsy as we want, but that doesn´t give us the right to ignore all the issues the fashion industry brings to the table.

Photo: www.thembsgroup.co.uk

Fortunately, in later years, a trend has arised to relieve these problems: sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion is a philosophy and movement aimed at helping the environment and support fair work practices. Sustainable fashion businesses use organic and ecological products. They work under fair-trade practices. They look after their employees and make sure the processes the use comply with ethical measures. All of this ends up in a product that carries not only quality and compassion but also, not stained by injustice.

If you take a really good look around, you are going to realize that we are no longer living in a time where we can be reckless and careless about our actions. We don´t have the luxury of being ignorant or lazy anymore. Nevertheless, I am aware that, naturally, many people love to dress up, look good and express themselves in various ways...all of which is perfectly fine. Creativity is a blessing. Regardless, this is a time where we can all make a difference, we can all contribute to the greater good. We can all be heroes and heroines of our time and sustain and save our planet and our society in a fair way.

Small businesses are becoming more prominent nowadays. Isn´t that great? I find it very cool that you can get stuff from local producers and local business people that have an ideal, have a vision and act on them. Brands are becoming more conscious and aware of the situation of our planet. There is no shortage of offers, whether that is a sustainable fashion brand or an organic product producer. This movement to take care of our Earth, our home, is becoming bigger and people are getting more inspired to give and dream of better options for us all.

We only need to become aware, do some research, find a store (it can be online) and acquire a product.

Remember that if you buy from a sustainable fashion brand/designer, you are supporting an entire movement. You are standing up against injustice and you are making a positive impact right now. Being trendy and fashionable can be a loving act you do with creativity.

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