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The positive impact of B-Corps

Updated: May 12, 2020

Have you read quotes on the line of "it is in the little things that greatness is found"?As it was explained in a previous post, B-Corps are those companies that function under fair trade practices, environmentally-friendly regulations and are committed to improving the world step by step.Any business can help change the world. Any person can help to change the world. We all can make a positive impact by making the right choices that lead to right actions. B-Corps have risen to the occasion and are proving that business leaders have a greater responsibility to the sustainability of our planet. In front of huge monopolies, where only a few benefit, B-Corps stand with honesty and compassion. In a world where it is so easy to find something that enrages us, frustrates us, or saddens us, B-Corps are contributing in a positive way to the preservation of our planet, create fair jobs and even raise consciousness. It is the ideal that any business should follow.

Photo: https://gerryvalentine.com The fact that some people have more power, whether that is money, position...etc, doesn´t give them the right to be entitled or to lay down and do nothing. To the contrary, they do hold more social responsibility. However, this responsibility lies on everyone´s shoulders. Not only in those deemed as "powerful". So, if you are thinking of starting a business or you already have one, perhaps you should check the B-Corp Lab to see the requirements. Even if you don´t hold a certification for your business or cannot afford at for the moment, you can still make a difference. Maybe you own an online business selling jewelry, you can use recycled paper for your packages. You can handle all your messaging only by e-mail (not wasting more paper in printing). You could get your raw materials from people that extract them directly or use other businesses that are committed to their social responsibility.

Photo: Cristina Mejía

Companies and businesses nowadays should be focused on running their businesses under practices that are ethical, not only towards their employees but also towards the planet. Also, environmental responsibility should be the norm, not something to be reminded of constantly. A human being is a love being at its core. We all want to do good. Some more than others, but, love is what we are made of.Then, why is our planet in this state of emergency? When did we become so lazy to think about our surroundings? Why does humanity mostly seek its immediate pleasure? That is why people that are more aware than others should be an example and start doing things right. Throwing garbage where it belongs, however, producing less garbage would be more ideal. We should buy sustainable fashion items, support companies that run their business fairly and under ethical standards, reuse and give stuff away. We should do the respective research about the items we use or buy, to find out if the production practices are congruent with our beliefs and intentions.Let´s reflect on our impact on our surroundings and help those that are currently making a positive impact.

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