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The Purposeful Existence of We Are From The Earth

The world is evolving rapidly and so is the speedy lifestyle of individuals. This evolution has undoubtedly brought ample advantages to humankind, whether it be improved outreach of the market across the globe, the advancement in technological innovation, or leading better living conditions for the people. However, shortcomings do accompany the associated benefits. Respect towards the human values and environment surrounding us have been shadowed in the name of development. Therefore, with the aim to address the importance of conscious living and elevate voices to create a better world for future generations, We Are From The Earth (WAFTE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was founded.

Our Mission

WAFTE’s mission is to empower people to cultivate their compassion and live a socially conscious lifestyle.

Our Vision

WAFTE envisions a sustainable world where people live a happy life through applying a socially conscious lifestyle that creates humanistic values for self and others.

Our History

WAFTE was founded by Setsuko Hata on May 18th, 2018 in California. The core belief of WAFTE is that in order to make a positive impact in our lives as well as in our societies, we first need to change our hearts and act appropriately. WAFTE believes that a lack of compassion, hope, and social awareness is the major cause of our unhappiness, as well as the surrounding environmental and social problems. Therefore, we aim to restore compassion, raise social awareness, and instill hope among the people.

Our Impact

Since the establishment of WAFTE, we have conducted various events, including workshops, live music, and community events in the Los Angeles area to raise social awareness and to share practical solutions to empower people to adopt the socially conscious lifestyle.

In order to maximize our impact and accomplish our mission, WAFTE has been developing the “WAFTE App”, a mobile application that will create a socially conscious online community. This will also further unite and inspire people to live their best lives and create a positive global change.

Socially Conscious Lifestyle

WAFTE advocates for and empowers people to live a socially conscious lifestyle through a framework of four attributes. Each of these attributes further incorporate ten subcategories.

The four attributes are:

1. Happiness & Compassion

Treat yourself and others with compassion.

  • Introduce holistic tips to lead a better life

  • Spread awareness about the compassionate practice towards humanity, all forms of life, towards environment, and on our planet

  • Cultivate people’s unlimited potential through holistically embodying a socially conscious lifestyle

2. Sustainability & Consumption

Choose socially conscious consumption.

  • Introduce how we are interconnected globally through our daily consumption

  • Educate people on how our consumption impacts other lives across the globe

  • Introduce practical tips on how to minimize negative impact and maximize positive impact through our consumption

3. Business & Workplace

Apply social consciousness to your work.

  • Introduce the concept that business can be a source for positive change and not just seeking corporate profits

  • Promote ways socially conscious enterprises work

  • Educate others about valuable inputs to encourage and enable workplaces to become more socially responsible

4. Cause & Activism

Get active to solve global issues.

  • Cultivate human compassion and help people view issues at the core level

  • Encourage people to use their talent, energy, and time for social change in the areas that spark passion in their lives

If you find WAFTE’s mission, vision and activities purposeful and uplifting, join us to be the change you want to see in the world!

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