"Socially Conscious Lifestyle"

Daily lifestyle practice rooted in compassion

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Happiness & Compassion

Treat Yourself & Others With Compassion

We believe that the ultimate key for our absolute happiness and world peace is to expand our compassion to all of humanity, all forms of life, and the environment on our planet.  In our daily lives, when we resolve to become a more compassionate human being, our thoughts start to change, and we say words and take actions based on that determination. 

Of course, nothing dramatically changes overnight, but the great news is that every moment is a new moment. Therefore, we can keep challenging ourselves even when we feel that we have failed. We can keep renewing ourselves and do our best. The more we do so, the more we are able to experience our life tendency shifting to compassion. It feels so good. It feels so right.  You feel fulfilled. You feel happy.


Sustainability & Consumption

Choose Socially Conscious Consumption

In this globalized society, our lives are constantly sustained by the people around the world and natural resources from our planet through our daily consumptions and activities. 


The food we eat, the clothes we wear, all the materials and parts of every product that we use everyday are coming from various places in the world. People and natural resources around the world made it possible for us to eat food or use products. It is also vice versa. We are all contributing to this global society as well and many people are constantly reaping the benefits from our work.


When we purchase something, we are also investing our money into the company's business values and practices. This empowers us to support and create a sustainable economy through choosing a socially, conscious company. In other words, we can make a global, positive change through our daily consumption. 


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Business & Workplace

Apply Social Consciousness to Your Work

Most of us spend 1/3 of our daily lives at work, whether you are an employee or an employer. Our dedicated hours and work have positive or negative social and environmental impact. This tells us that it is possible to use our workplace as a vehicle to make a positive change to the world if we decide to do so.


Our current economic system, an overall profit-driven system, has been creating various negative impacts on our communities and our planet earth. It is time for us to unite and to a purpose-driven economic system. Business should be driven by social and environmental values, using profits to advance positive, global change. This would be the ultimate ideal system that all companies should practice.


When we resolve to do this, we will acquire great wisdom to make our workplace more humanistic and sustainable. Our wish is that you become a game changer of our economic system through your contributions as an employee or an employer.


Causes & Activism

Get Active to Solve Global Issues  

When ordinary people like us start to take action, real social change will become a reality. The power of ordinary people is the strongest of all. We learned this truth from India’s independence with Mahatma Gandhi and America’s civil right movement with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is time for us to truly unite beyond national borders and work together as one human race towards solving global issues. It is imperative that we make our world a better place for our humanity and the survival of our planet. When you live your life with compassion, a sense of justice, and take action, you will be fulfilled, live a dignified life, and feel absolute happiness from within.

We encourage you to make it a part of your life to contribute your time, talent, resources or money for the cause. Find the area of a social change that you feel passionate about, and get involved to make a difference!

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