Choose Socially Conscious Consumption

Let's make a global impact through our compassionate consumption.


In this globalized society, our lives are constantly sustained by the people around the world and natural resources from our planet through our daily consumptions and activities. 


The food we eat, the clothes we wear, all the materials and parts of every product that we use everyday are coming from various places in the world. People and natural resources around the world made it possible for us to eat food or use products. It is also vice versa. We are all contributing to this global society as well and many people are constantly reaping the benefits from our work.


This connection of our lives is the ultimate reality of the world in which we are live in.


When we purchase something, we are also investing our money into the company's business values and practices. This empowers us to support and create a sustainable economy through choosing a socially, conscious company. In other words, we can make a global, positive change through our daily consumption. 


Here is a list of socially conscious companies.



BetterHealth Market

( Located in multiple locations across Michigan

Big Bear Natural Foods

( Headquarters located at 925 Lincoln Highway, Morrisville, PA

Hannaford Supermarkets

( Headquarters located at 145 Pleasant Hill Road, Scarborough, ME 04074

LifeSource Natural Foods ( Headquarters (and only store) located at 2649 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302

Mom’s Organic Market

( Headquarters located at 5566 Randolph Rd, Rockville, MD 20852

Natural Co-op Grocers

( Located all over the US with headquarters at 14 S. Linn Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Sprouts Farmers Market

( Headquarters located at 5455 E. High Street, Suite 111, Phoenix, AZ 85054

Whole Foods Market

( Headquarters located at 550 Bowie Street, Austin, TX 78703

Wild Oats Marketplace

( Headquarters located at 4500 Westgrove Drive, Suite 215, Addison, TX 75001

Yes! Organic Market

( Headquarters located in Washington, DC


 Food / Restaurants 

Busboys and Poets

(; A café, restaurant and a creative community space with emphasis on organic food, sustainable and eco-friendly materials/practices and renewable wind energy at select locations. There are 8 locations in the Washington, DC area

By Chloe

(; Serves creative and vegan comfort dishes made fresh daily using eco-friendly packaging. It has 8 locations in the US (New York and LA) and 2 in Europe (London)


(; A popular food chain with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options and food committed to non-GMO, ethical and artificial-free ingredients. There are over 2,400 restaurant locations across the US

Organic Coup

( America’s first USDA Organic Certified Chain, several chains in California and Washington

Urth Cafe

( Specialized in organic coffee and tea, several chains in California

True Food Kitchen

(; Dr. Andrew Weil’s chain of health-food restaurants located in 24 locations all over the US

Plant Based

Cafe Gratitude

(; Plant-based, sustainable restaurant with multiple locations in California

Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine

(; A vegan comfort food restaurant chain with over 38 locations in 14 states and international braches in Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Peacefood Café

(; Healthy vegan cuisine based on the principles of non-violence with two locations in Manhattan, New York


(; Fresh, local (partner with local farms), plant-based restaurant chain that practices sustainability and local sourcing in 75 locations all over the US

The Plant Café Organic

(; An organic Bay-area café with 5 locations that serves local ingredients that are ethically sourced.

Veggie Grill

(; A fast-casual vegan restaurant chain that operates in 33 locations in California, Oregon, Washington and Illinois. It was voted as a favorite vegan chain in 2016 and 2017 by VegNews



Berri Fit

(; The world’s 1st plant-based, USDA certified organic, gluten-free and non-GMO fitness electrolyte beverage. It is a start-up based in Santa Monica and its mission is to unveil the truth about sports drinks whose marketing prowess deceives consumers about their ingredient

Carlsberg Beer

(; A bear company with ambitious sustainability goals. The company aims at zero-carbon footprint by 2030, and intends to move its brewing over to using all renewable energy. The company also wants to cut all water waste

Celestial Seasonings

(; A tea and drinks company focused on sustainability by buying directly from farmers, supporting rainforest protections, using 100% recycled paperboard for packaging, and reducing its environmental impact and carbon footprint from shipping

Chameleon Cold-Brew (; A fast growing Texas start-up specializing in organic, fair-trade, sustainable sourcing standards and that uses innovative air roasting and 16-hour brewing technique processes

GT’s Living Food Kombucha

(; Kombucha and beverage company that was one of the first national Kombucha distributers in the US devoted to organic and pure ingredients

Harmless Harvest

(; An innovative company that produces organic coconut water and vegan yogurt drinks (fair for life certification) with a multi-step microfiltration process. Headquartered in San Francisco, the drinks are available in stores all across the US

Honest Tea

(; An iced drink (mostly tea) company that is committed to organic and fair trade ingredients and that has a direct connection to farmers/suppliers

Java Organic Coffee Roasters

(; Coffee roasters committed to fair trade, rainforest alliance and bird friendly practices. Based in Florida, the coffee is outsourced to many parts of the US. It won the 2015 sustainable businesses award

Sonoma County Winery

(; California family farmers committed to becoming a 100% sustainable wine region in the nation by 2019

Suja Juice

(; One of the fastest-growing juice companies in the US headquartered in San Diego that is certified organic, non-GMO and cold-pressured protected





East Pasadena





Fair Trade Winds



HOPE MADE in the world






Outdoor Voices







Ventura, California





Synergy Organic



The Reformation


Melrose Los Angeles, California 






Gunas New York



Raven & Lilly



HFS Collective






The Little Market







Article 22



Bario Neal





PURPOSE Jewelry 



Same Sky





Ten Thousand Villages  (


The Given Keys



The Little Market



31 Bits





( Francisco, California





Fortress Of Inca






Matisse Footwear





Native Shoes



The Root Collective







( France



Green Magic Homes



Green Key



United Properties



Zero Energy Project



 Home Living 




The Refill Revolution



Earth Easy




(, Maryland 


The Little Market





( Multiple locations - Santa Monica, California



( Seattle, Washington 



( South Los Angeles, California 


HAIKU Designs

( Boulder, Colorado


Pottery Barn

( Fresno, California


( Made in Los Angeles, California 



( Francisco, California



( East Los Angeles, California 



(, Virginia



( Pasadena, California

-Office furniture



( Miami, Florida


-Furniture for Baby


Babyletto ( North Los Angeles, California 



-Skin Care



Nourish Organic







Skincare OX


SW Basic




Burt’s Bees Baby

( Durham, North Carolina


Colored Organics

( Paul, Minnesota



( New York City, New York


Finn and Emma

( San Marino, California 


Jazzy Organics

( Francisco, California

Kate Quinn Organics (, Washington 


Mini and Meep

( North Carolina 


The Eco Baby

( Hermanus, South Africa


Under The Nile

(, Missouri



( Francisco, California 


 Office Goods 


( Queensland, Australia



( Oakland, California


Earth Hero

( Boulder, Colorado


Black Rainbow

( Taylor, Australia 


Greenline Paper

(, Pennsylvania


(, Washington


Myriad Greeyn

(, Maryland


Rawoffice (, Ontario


Sustainable Supply (, Colorado



Amalgamated Bank (                                                          

B Corp, GABV/New York, Washington, D.C.



B Corp/Online only

Beneficial State Bank (                                                         

B Corp, GABV, CDFI /California, Oregon, Washington

City First Bank of DC


B Corp, GABV, CDFI /Washington, D.C.

First Green Bank


B Corp, GABV/Florida


Moscoma Bank


B Corp/ New Hampshire, Vermon


Missoula Federal Credit Union (                                               

GABV, CDFI/Montana

New Resource Bank (                                                 B Corp, GABV/California

Southern Bancorp (                                                        GABV, CDFI/Arkansas, Mississippi

Spring Bank


B Corp, CDFI/New York

Sunrise Bank (                                                         B Corp, GABV, CDFI/Minnesota

Verify Credit Union (                                                         GABV/Washington

VCC Bank (                                      B Corp, CDFI/Virginia

VSECU (Vermont State Employees Credit Union) (             




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