Sustainability & Consumption

Making a global impact through compassionate consumption

How what we buy can make a difference

In this globalized society, our lives are constantly sustained by the people around the world and natural resources from our planet through our daily consumption and activities. 


The food we eat, the clothes we wear, all the materials and parts of every product that we use everyday are coming from various places in the world. People and natural resources around the world made it possible for us to eat food or use products. It is also vice versa. We are all contributing to this global society as well and many people are constantly reaping the benefits from our work.


This connection of our lives is the ultimate reality of the world in which we are live in.


When we purchase something, we are also investing our money into the company's business values and practices. This empowers us to support and create a sustainable economy through choosing a socially, conscious company. In other words, we can make a global, positive change through our daily consumption. 


Here is a list of socially conscious companies-