We Are From The Earth (WAFTE) is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization whose mission is to empower people to cultivate their compassion and live a socially conscious lifestyle.






1) To instill in people the humanistic philosophy of respecting the dignity of life and interconnectivity of all lives


2) To raise social awareness of global challenges


3) To provide practical solutions for global challenges through our daily life choices  



In order to fully empower people, first, we have to establish a correct view of life. Then, we raise social awareness and encourage people to attain related knowledge. The right philosophy infused with relevant knowledge will turn into valuable wisdom, and as a result, lead to practical solutions. We provide some practical tips and resources in order to navigate people to a good starting point. However, our ultimate goal is to empower people to create their own unique, creative solutions for global challenges.


Our three values are embodied in all of our activities, especially in 24/7 World Peace a humanistic and sustainable daily life style that contains various practical tips and resources for people to live their lives as a global citizen.



We also promote the United Nations' SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which is a universal call set by the United Nations in 2015 to realize a sustainable world toward 2030.





The name "We are from the Earth" (WAFTE) was created with the hope of inspiring people to think we are one human race born on Planet Earth, transcending different nationalities and ethnicities.


We believe that all people are fundamentally compassionate beings.

Compassion is the working of the universe and we are the microcosm of the universe.


Most of us not only care for our own happiness but also the happiness of our family members and our close friends and other people. Even those who can be cruel to others would still have the compassion of their loved ones. This demonstrates the truth that compassion is the most fundamental nature of our lives.


All lives are equally worthy. Our lives, other forms of life, and the environment are all interconnected.


The more we internalize this humanistic philosophy in our lives, the compassion to embrace all lives will emerge from within.

Through this inner-heart transformation, we can manifest compassion through our thoughts, words, and actions in our daily lives.


In this globalized society, our lives are constantly sustained by the people around the world and natural resources from our planet through our daily consumptions and activities.


The food we eat, the clothes we wear, all the materials, and parts of every product that we use every day come from various places around the world. People and natural resources around the world made it possible for us to eat food or use products. It is also vice versa. We are all contributing to this global society as well and many people are constantly getting benefits from our works.


This interconnectivity of our lives is the ultimate reality of the world in which we live in.


When someone on the other side of the planet has been suffering from extreme poverty or lacking basic needs, and the environment has been extremely destroyed by human activities while our lives are somewhat sustained by them, it begs the question, can we just ignore the truth or pretend that we do not know what is going on or think that there is nothing we can do and stay silent ?


Imagine if this suffering was happening among our immediate family members or the community that we belong to, we would probably make efforts to solve the problem.


It is human nature to know that when the problems become personal, we tend to confront them with a more serious manner and strive hard to solve them.


Then, the question is, can we expand our compassion to those who we have never have met or who we have no personal connections to?


We believe and say “YES, WE CAN”.


We truly believe that all people are fundamentally compassionate beings.

We are all fundamentally capable of using our compassionate imagination and have empathy to take actions for those who suffer even though we do not know them personally.


Since our society has not really emphasized the importance in the understanding of the interconnectivity of our lives, we have not developed the habit of cultivating compassion for people and lives that are not in our immediate environment.


Everything that is happening in our life is based on cause and effect.

If we continue to stay silent regarding suffering people and the suffering earth, we are ultimately creating bad causes that disrespect lives. Then, no matter how much we try to satisfy our desires with our achievements or material possessions, we will fail to become absolutely happy.


On the other hand, when we expand our compassion to all of humanity and our planet, and appreciate and embrace them and fight for justice, we are creating good causes that respect lives. When we live this way, we will feel truly empowered and fulfilled. We will become absolutely happy. 



We believe in people’s inner fundamental goodness no matter what.

Our passion is to help people cultivate their unlimited compassion.

One person at a time, we can change the world for a better place through people’s inner transformation.


Thank you very much.






We Are From The Earth

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